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Head - Doctor of Technical Sciences , Professor

  Osipenko Natalya

   Department of expertise in customs established in 2008 on the initiative of Rector Professor Shubin. Work of the department is led by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Osipenko Natalia Ivanovna. The Department is issuing on the leading specialty "Commodity and expertise in customs " training areas "Commodity and commercial business."

   The main objective of the department - training of highly qualified specialists, competitive in today's job market and competent in the examination of the goods, as well as able to manage the movement of goods and commercial vehicles across the customs border of Ukraine in accordance with the principles of international trade.

   In a relatively short period of existence the department has prepared about 400 specialists in merchandising and expertise in customs, many of whom work in the structural units of the Customs Service of Ukraine, the Chamber of Commerce, factories and other institutions, whose functions include the activities for the examination in customs Affairs.

 Graduates of "Commodity and expertise in customs "- the specialists who, observing the laws of Ukraine, the customs of different ways - tariff regulation of movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine, improve procedures for customs control and customs clearance of goods using modern technical means and methods of customs control, fight against smuggling and customs fraud, carrying out various types of examinations of non-food and food products, drugs, toxic - and potentially explosive substances, weapons, precious metals and gems, cultural values.

  The concept of the continued functioning of the department expertise in customs and its development in the future will be determined by the implementation of the main idea, the essence of which lies in the fact that the examination of the goods becomes an instrument of active influence on the social- economic development of our country, a powerful means of introducing innovative developments in the life of various fields of science, ensuring internal and external security of Ukraine.  


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