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   List of Certificates UPE and the documents required for admission to the university specialization "Commodity and expertise in customs matters ":

CERTIFICATES: Mathematics ( profile subject ) , Ukrainian language and literature , geography or chemistry.

  Minimum number of points on the profile discipline - 140 points for non-core subjects - 124 points.

  Applicants have the right to independent external evaluation certificate issued in 2014, or certificates or duplicates for 2008 - 2013 on -time and correspondence form .

  Individuals who have received a full secondary education in 2007 and earlier documents confirming their right to participate in the competition of the external independent evaluation or the results of entrance examinations competitive subjects in DonNUET Mykhailo Tugan- Baranovsky, of their choice. 

   More details can be found on the EIT website www.testportal.gov.ua 

Documents required for admission to DonNUET :

  • statement addressed to the Rector , indicating areas of training and teaching forms ( application form applicants obtained a university);
  • document the state of previously acquired educational level , on the basis of which the receipt and its annex;
  • certificate (s ) external evaluation;
  • medical certificate form 086;
  • six color photos, size 3x4 cm ( without bracket for printing);
  • a copy of a certificate of identification code;
  • passport and military ID (identification of a postscript to the recruiting station );
  • the passport of one of the parents ( at the conclusion of the contract for tuition ).

   Individuals who have changed the name , you need to have a document about the change.

  Passport (birth certificate to persons who do not have passports age ) , military ID (identification of a postscript to the recruiting station ) , original certificate of education , original certificates external evaluation and the original medical certificate in the form of 086- entrant takes personally. 

 The Department expertise in customs functions circle " Junior specialist" , which is created in secondary schools as a result of Donetsk mutual agreement of the department management expertise in customs and Directorate schools . The main purpose of the circle is to improve the preparation of high school graduates , their general orientation in choosing the direction of professional education and careers , creating a permanent reserve of applicants for admission to DonNUET Mykhailo Tugan- Baranovsky .

  Classroom training sessions (lectures, practical and laboratory classes , seminars, round tables , etc.) are held in classroom fund university and partly - public schools. 








  Upon completion of training in the circle " Junior specialist " to the students of secondary school - issued certificate recommendation for admission to the profession "Commodity and expertise in customs ," which takes into account the selection committee DonNUET Mykhailo Tugan- Baranovsky when entering the graduate school of the young specialist in the university.

  In addition, the Grade 11 students have the opportunity to take part in the competition on "Basics of Entrepreneurship ." According to the results of the Olympiad Contest participant is issued a certificate that provides ceteris paribus entitled to priority enrollment in DonNUET Mykhailo Tugan- Baranovsky .


Training period for CMOs "Bachelor" :

full-time education - 4 years,

extramural studies - 4.5 years.

   For more information , please call :

(050) 707 10 90 - Senior Lecturer, Department of expertise in customs by Chernyshova Anna 

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