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Student participation in the conference ONAPT (Odessa)

     Has traditionally become involved students majoring in "Commodity and expertise in customs " in the conferences held at the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies ( Odessa). Thus , 11 students took the 2-4 year full-time participation in the Sixth All-Ukrainian scientific -practical conference of young scientists and students with international participation " The problems of healthy lifestyle among young people " 5-6 November 2013 It should be noted the high level of activities and friendly welcome faculty and students.

     Each year, the conference is co-organized Industrial and trading company Shabo that took participants to summarize the conference. Cultural Center of wine " Shabo " - a harmonious blend of tradition and modern winemaking technology.

     Following the conference, students DonNUET specialty "Commodity and expertise in customs " 3 diplomas awarded for the best presentations and ABC. We look forward to the next trip to Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.



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