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          Teachers graduating chair expertise in customs perform their tasks on the organization of the educational process , as follows:

• lectures , laboratory , practical and seminars , supervision of students' knowledge and the implementation of other types of academic work , academic, professional and practical training in academic subjects :

o Examination of goods o Basics of examination of goods in customs o Examination of raw materials

o Estimated examination of goods in customs o Fundamentals Examination of Cultural Values

o Examination of precious metals, precious stones and cultural values

o Expertise - analytical aspects of art o Expertise narcotic , toxic and explosive substances

o Instrumental Studies in customs

o Identification and Coding

o Security products

o Basic customs

o Customs

o Customs regulation of foreign economic activity o The customs value o Customs Regimes

o Customs duties and fees o Technical means of control o tovarovednyh - technological aspects of customs control o organization of the fight against customs offenses o Customs Risk Management

o Customs formalities at the various modes of transport

o Ethics and Psychology of the customs officer

o Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity

o Basic scientific research

o The methodology and the organization of scientific research

o Methods of teaching in higher education

• methodical organization of work , including : improving teaching methods in the educational process ;

• the publication of textbooks , educational - teaching aids and other instructional materials ;

• research on the state budget and contract issues; • providing leadership scientific - research work of students , undergraduates, graduate students ;

• Participation in scientific, practical and methodological conferences , seminars, training sessions ;

• professional development , etc. .

         The main profile of the training activities of the department is to prepare the commodity researchers - experts of the highest qualification ( bachelors and masters) , capable of working on modern industrial and commercial enterprises , as well as in institutions conducting expert , customs , foreign trade or related activities . In the training process of preparing specialists in " Commodity and expertise in customs " addresses issues related to : • applicable laws and regulations governing the movement of goods , vehicles and other items through the customs border of Ukraine; • the basic requirements to the quality of consumer goods;

• procedures for the different types of examinations of goods for customs purposes is carried out ;

• modern methods of cargo moved through the customs border of Ukraine by different modes of transport ;

• The rights and duties of the experts and the requirements imposed on them ;

• the content of the job descriptions of employees expert agencies and customs authorities;

• the main areas of customs policy of Ukraine;

• the organizational structure of customs bodies and their interaction with other agencies , businesses, and organizations;

• existing legislation - the regulatory framework governing the legal relationship between the customs authorities and economic agents ;

• the validity of the order and the shipping , customs , permits and other documents in accordance with the applicable legislation ;

• methods of combating smuggling and customs fraud ;

• International experience in conducting customs etc. . Having mastered the necessary knowledge , merchandise - an expert can perform the following tasks :

• conduct examination to determine the quality, quantity and cost characteristics of domestic and foreign production ;

• conduct merchandising , and other types of examinations of goods transported across the customs border of Ukraine, using standard and non-standard methods , to make out the results of examination of the goods;

• identify the goods , using electron - background information on their origin, composition, method of production , usage , etc. ;

• create a databank on products of domestic and foreign production, their range , consumer characteristics , quality indicators ;

• identify the country of origin of goods and means of transport for commercial use ;

• establish the customs value of goods and means of transport for commercial use ;

• Identify the code of goods in accordance with Ukrainian Classification of Goods foreign trade;

• carry out customs formalities on various modes of transport;

• operational control over compliance regimes and shelf life of goods and means of transport for commercial use under customs control;

• Effectively organize a customs control and customs clearance of goods and means of transport for commercial use in order to reduce their time;

• apply customs - tariff and non-tariff regulation of movement of goods and means of transport for commercial use through customs border of Ukraine;

• calculate and levy the customs charges for the movement of goods and commercial vehicles across the customs border of Ukraine;

• arrange customs and other documents; • implement preventive measures to combat smuggling and customs fraud ;

• use computer software products that provide efficient organization of Ukrainian customs ; • use of technical means of customs control , etc. .           

          An important role in the preparation of commodity researchers - experts in customs playing material - technical base of the chair . At the department created and has three specialized laboratories : learning laboratory studies expert in customs , scientific research laboratory expert in customs and expert laboratory of physical - chemical studies that are designed for laboratory and practical training , the implementation of research activities of students and teachers, execution Student graduation and master's theses . All classrooms are equipped as required by industry standards for higher education in Ukraine.








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